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Supported 59 nVidia graphics card for v195.62

List of supported graphics cards for the selected version 195.62 driver for Windows Vista/64, Windows 7/64. The list of supported cards can be quite extensive. However, some difficulties may be encountered. One type of video card can be detected using many identification strings, see Geforce desktop, Geforce notebook, Quadro desktop, Quadro notebook, Tesla, GRID / ION and Mining devices. We also have a reverse list based on detection strings, see ID list.


195.62 (

OS Windows Vista/64, Windows 7/64
Release 2010-01-07 [January '10]
Status WHQL
Size 116,31 MB
Downloaded 52243×

Supported nVidia graphics cards:

  • Driver File name 195.62_notebook_winvista_win7_64bit_international_whql.exe
  • Intended for:

  • GeForce 8200M G, GeForce 8400M G, GeForce 8400M GS, GeForce 8600M GS, GeForce 8600M GT, GeForce 8700M GT, GeForce 8800 GS, GeForce 8800M GTS, GeForce 8800M GTX, GeForce 9100M G, GeForce 9200M GE, GeForce 9200M GS, GeForce 9300M G, GeForce 9300M GS, GeForce 9400M, GeForce 9400M G, GeForce 9400M GS, GeForce 9500M G, GeForce 9500M GS, GeForce 9600M GS, GeForce 9600M GT, GeForce 9650M GS, GeForce 9650M GT, GeForce 9700M GTS, GeForce 9800M GS, GeForce 9800M GT, GeForce 9800M GTS, GeForce G 103M, GeForce G 105M, GeForce G 110M, GeForce G102M, GeForce G105M, GeForce G210M, GeForce GT 120M, GeForce GT 130, GeForce GT 130M, GeForce GT 220M, GeForce GT 230M, GeForce GT 240M, GeForce GTS 160M, GeForce GTX 260M, GeForce GTX 280M, ION, ION LE, Quadro FX 1600M, Quadro FX 1700M, Quadro FX 2700M, Quadro FX 3600M, Quadro FX 360M, Quadro FX 3700M, Quadro FX 370M, Quadro FX 570M, Quadro FX 770M, Quadro NVS 130M, Quadro NVS 135M, Quadro NVS 140M, Quadro NVS 150M, Quadro NVS 160M, Quadro NVS 320M

  • Total 59 cards.

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