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Release 2018-06-04   [June '18]

PDF datasheet / PDF Datenblätter / PDF описания / PDF dokumentace / PDF akrusz

  • Release 396 Graphics Drivers for Windows, Version 398.11
  • nVidia datasheet for download: 398.11-win10-win8-win7-desktop-release-notes.pdf
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  • This edition of Release Notes describes the Release 396 family of NVIDIA graphics drivers (versions 396.xx to 399.xx) for Microsoft Windows 7 and later. NVIDIA provides these notes to describe performance improvements and bug fixes in each documented version of the driver.

    Existing Support
    This release supports the following APIs:
    - Open Computing Language (OpenCLTM software) 1.2 for NVIDIA Kepler™ and later GPUs
    - OpenGL 4.6
    - Vulkan 1.1
    - DirectX 11
    - DirectX 12 (Windows 10)

    What’s New in Version 398.11 WHQL
    Game Ready Drivers provide the best possible gaming experience for all major new releases, including Virtual Reality games. Prior to a new title launching, our driver team is working up until the last minute to ensure every performance tweak and bug fix is included for the best gameplay on day-one.

    Game Ready
    Provides the optimal gaming experience for Vampyr and Jurassic World Evolution.

    New Features
    Ensures the best possible gaming experience on HDR-capable G-SYNC displays.

    Application SLI Profiles
    Added or updated the following SLI profiles:
    - Warhammer: Vermintide 2

    3D Vision Profiles
    Added or updated the following 3D Vision profiles:
    - Jurassic World Evolution - GOOD
    - Railway Empire - Not Recommend
    - Sea of Thieves - Not Recommend
    - Vampyr - Not Recommend

    3D Compatibility Mode Profiles 2DD
    These games must be run in DirectX 10/11 mode to see improvements and are not compatible with 3D Vision Surround mode. See “3D Compatibility Mode” on page 9 for more information.
    Added or updated the following compatibility mode profiles:
    - Vampyr - Excellent

    Software Module Versions
    - nView - 149.21
    - HD Audio Driver -
    - NVIDIA PhysX System Software - 9.17.0524
    - GeForce Experience -
    - CUDA - 9.2

    Changes and Fixed Issues in Version 398.11
    The following sections list the important changes and the most common issues resolved in this version. This list is only a subset of the total number of changes made in this driver version. The NVIDIA bug number is provided for reference.

    Fixed Issues in this Release
    - [SLI][Hitman Pro: DirectX 12]: With SLI mode enabled, the game crashes if in-game HDR is ON and Windows HDR setting is OFF at lower resolutions. [200415553]
    - [Call of Duty: WWII][Surround]: With Surround enabled, the center Surround display is blank during gameplay. [200370257]
Download PDF´s Datasheet v398.11
Type PDF datasheet


Release 2018-04-24   [April '18]

PDF datasheet / PDF Datenblätter / PDF описания / PDF dokumentace / PDF akrusz

  • NVIDIA Control Panel Quick Start Guide
  • nVidia datasheet for download: 398.11-nvidia-control-panel-quick-start-guide.pdf
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More info
  • This quick start is addressed to users of the NVIDIA Control Panel software. This guide focuses on getting you up and running with your NVIDIA software. For technical details on the features and benefits of the NVIDIA Control Panel software and details about supported products, drivers, and other software, refer to the NVIDIA web page -

    About the NVIDIA Control Panel
    Welcome to the NVIDIA Control Panel, designed for Microsoft Windows operating systems. You can use NVIDIA Control Panel to control your NVIDIA hardware and access other NVIDIA software installed on your system.

    In addition to setting up basic display configurations such as display resolution, refresh rate, and multiple display use, you can:
    - Tune your 3D settings with real-time preview to maximize performance or image quality
    - Customize how 3D applications work in your system
    - Adjust your screen colors and contrast
    - Set custom timings
    - Control video image settings
    - Change your HDTV format
    - Control special workstation features such as Frame Synchronization.

    Note: The NVIDIA Control Panel can be viewed with a desktop DPI scaling set to a maximum of 250%. Setting the DPI higher than 250% may result in some content getting cut off from view.

    Supported Operating Systems
    NVIDIA Release 396 Graphics drivers are available for the following Microsoft Windows operating systems:
    - Windows 7 64-bit
    - Windows 8 64-bit
    - Windows 8.1 64-bit
    - Windows 10 64-bit
Download PDF´s Datasheet v398.11

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